LomoTravels: Gorging Ourselves in Ipoh + Penang

A trip made possible by our dear friend, Darwin who as a proud Ipohian (or Ipohnese?) finally got the chance to show us the glory of his hometown. Actually, we just nagged him into submission and tagged along on one of his trips back home.

Inside Ipoh's limestone caves#1 Cavemen (and Women) | LC-A+ RL | Lomography RedScale
Presenting the traveling party sans me.

For the benefit of those who are geographically challenged, Ipoh is the capital city of Perak, Malaysia. It was an easy trip since everything from the itinerary down to lodging have been planned by our host. We just had to show up with our bags, spend 1.5 days in Ipoh and another 1.5 days in Penang. Thank you Darwin!

After a sumptuous dimsum breakfast and a short rest, we made our way to the Gua Tempurung Limestone Caves. We put our imagination to the test and tried spotting limestone rocks that looked like elephants, deers, the devil’s face or whatnot.

Gua Tempurung#2 Imagine | LC-A+ RL | Lomography RedScale
I see a giant slug, no?

We dropped by Perak Tong which is a temple within a cave. That was quite an eye opener. I mean how often do you see wall paintings in a temple?

Perak Tong paintings#3 Fairyland | LC-A+ RL | Lomography RedScale
There were a whole bunch of them but unfortunately I’m not doing them justice with this dodgy double exposure.

We attempted the steep climb up to the very top of the cave but were unfortunately stopped by a gang of very mean looking monkeys. Knowing better than to mess with them local folks, we beat a hasty retreat and imagined we have seen an awe inspiring panoramic view of Ipoh. It was pretty awesome, I’ll tell you.

Entrance to Perak Tong#4 Beaten But Not Bruised | LC-A+ RL | Lomography RedScale
Making our exit with an awesome view in our heads.

Here comes the food part. Lunch was at a outdoor food court known as Big Tree Foot (there is really a huge ass tree there) with a mish mash of Ipoh delights such as fried noodles, popiah, Yong Tau Foo, and laksa. We had the famous Nga Choi Kai for dinner, which is steamed chicken served with big succulent beansprouts for the uninitiated. Sorry, but I was too busy devouring the goodies to take any decent picture.

But! Yes, there’s a but…! We visited the night market and all I can say is I should have known better to be looking at these photos right before going to bed.

Steamed Buns#5 Steam | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey
Buns, buns, buns!

Crackers#6 Spizz | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey
Deep fried crackers that go shizzle fizzle into the sinful wok.

duck popiah#7 Duck & Roll | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey
Damnnnnn…I just swallowed a huge gulp of saliva…

Lok Lok#8 Self Service | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey
Quite an experience when you’re huddled with your friends cooking sticks of chicken dices, luncheon meat, mushrooms, meatballs, etc. That’s Lok Lok for you.

Piece of advice though. Be patient. Stuffing yourself silly with half cooked food is not cool.

Not cool at all.

Oh don’t you worry. I’ll get to Penang in the next post. See y’all.


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