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LomoTravels: Gorging Ourselves in Ipoh + Penang Part Two

So after our stomach bursting escapades from the previous day, we started the next day with what else but a hearty breakfast at a typical Ipohian coffee shop. I swear that I had the best peanut butter toast there.

Moving on, we embarked on the car ride to Penang which lasted close to 3 hours. Waiting for time to pass as Darwin took the wheels obviously made us very hungry. So first thing we did when we arrived in Penang was to head straight to a famous eatery serving the iconic local dishes such as Char Kuay Teow and Laksa. As you can see, gluttony got the better of me as I don’t have any photos of them to share with you guys here.

After checking in, we finally got to a non-eating related activity which was to visit Penang Hill. Probably a bad thing that we didn’t have to physically climb it as they had a small train that took us straight to the top. Unfortunately it started to rain soon after our arrival and we headed to the food court to take shelter.

What was a group of drenched and weary travellers supposed to do while taking shelter? What else but eat, again. We knew the food was going to be terrible since it was a commercialized food court catered for the tourists. And we were right.

Penang Hill food court#1 Gloomy | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey
Waiting for a halt to the depressing weather.
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My Football T-shirt Design: #thankyousiralex

Warning: This is gonna be an emotional post.

Yes, I’m a Manchester United fan. What do u mean why? I’m a Singaporean that’s why. (There have always been jibes about Man United and their apparent lack of local support. Claim back in the days was that Man United fans in Singapore greatly outnumber those in Manchester. Good one that.)

In all seriousness, growing up in the 90s, a typical Singaporean boy (no girls cos they stink and don’t watch football when I was 9) pledged their allegiance to a few select teams, namely Man United, Liverpool, Blackburn and Newcastle. These were the so called best teams growing up.

But no, that wasn’t really the reason I started supporting Man United. My story was of pure fate. I had no knowledge of football prior to 1994 and started to gain some interest after tagging along my elder brothers in watching the football telecasts. I remembered Maradona’s solo goal against Greece and the picture of him on the newspaper front page with a headline that screamed “I’M BACK!!!”

World cup fever came and left. And that was that. I had no concept of football leagues being played overseas. Until one day I accidentally chanced upon a telecast. Oh how i missed you the lush greenery of the football pitch. An out of the world goal was being replayed on the television.
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