My Football T-shirt Design: #thankyousiralex

Warning: This is gonna be an emotional post.

Yes, I’m a Manchester United fan. What do u mean why? I’m a Singaporean that’s why. (There have always been jibes about Man United and their apparent lack of local support. Claim back in the days was that Man United fans in Singapore greatly outnumber those in Manchester. Good one that.)

In all seriousness, growing up in the 90s, a typical Singaporean boy (no girls cos they stink and don’t watch football when I was 9) pledged their allegiance to a few select teams, namely Man United, Liverpool, Blackburn and Newcastle. These were the so called best teams growing up.

But no, that wasn’t really the reason I started supporting Man United. My story was of pure fate. I had no knowledge of football prior to 1994 and started to gain some interest after tagging along my elder brothers in watching the football telecasts. I remembered Maradona’s solo goal against Greece and the picture of him on the newspaper front page with a headline that screamed “I’M BACK!!!”

World cup fever came and left. And that was that. I had no concept of football leagues being played overseas. Until one day I accidentally chanced upon a telecast. Oh how i missed you the lush greenery of the football pitch. An out of the world goal was being replayed on the television.

A freaking overhead kick. That was quite a big deal to the impressionable 9 year old. (It is still a big deal now.) Then they showed the final score with the names of the two competing teams. Manchester United and Blackburn. Eager to establish a link with the sport that I thought was gone for good, I made the lifelong decision to be a supporter of Man United. Simply because their player scored an awesome goal and they were the winning team that day.

Years have passed, players have come and gone while the only constant throughout my football supporting life has been Sir Alex Ferguson (also Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes). So the sudden though inevitable retirement of Fergie has been a bitter pill to swallow. Nevertheless, we can’t begrudge the fact that the old boy has earned it and deserved to rest his spectacles on his desk, put his feet up and start charting his next holiday destination.

Sir Alex relaxing

Alex Says Relax – via

Here is my tribute to Sir Alex of his iconic spectacles and its shadow akin to the larger than life shadow he has cast over Manchester United and the football world.

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P.S. News broke out that Paul Scholes will also be retiring at the end of the season. I think I’m gonna go cry in the shower.


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