LomoTravels: Gorging Ourselves in Ipoh + Penang Part Two

So after our stomach bursting escapades from the previous day, we started the next day with what else but a hearty breakfast at a typical Ipohian coffee shop. I swear that I had the best peanut butter toast there.

Moving on, we embarked on the car ride to Penang which lasted close to 3 hours. Waiting for time to pass as Darwin took the wheels obviously made us very hungry. So first thing we did when we arrived in Penang was to head straight to a famous eatery serving the iconic local dishes such as Char Kuay Teow and Laksa. As you can see, gluttony got the better of me as I don’t have any photos of them to share with you guys here.

After checking in, we finally got to a non-eating related activity which was to visit Penang Hill. Probably a bad thing that we didn’t have to physically climb it as they had a small train that took us straight to the top. Unfortunately it started to rain soon after our arrival and we headed to the food court to take shelter.

What was a group of drenched and weary travellers supposed to do while taking shelter? What else but eat, again. We knew the food was going to be terrible since it was a commercialized food court catered for the tourists. And we were right.

Penang Hill food court#1 Gloomy | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey
Waiting for a halt to the depressing weather.

The weather cleared up slightly but not enough for me to squeeze out a decent picture of Penang’s cityscape. Down the hill we went for….

Penang Gurney Drive#2 Eats | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey
dinner at Gurney Drive… Featuring delicacies such as Cuttlefish with Kangkong, Rojak, Satay and Penang Laksa (again).

More of the same for breakfast the next day…

Penang Hawker#3 Wok It | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey

Penang Hawker Stalls#4 A Hectic Affair | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey

More than fully recharged, we stopped by Kek Lok Si Temple which is a huge compound with a pagoda and a towering Kuan Yin statue.

Kek Lok Si#5 Be Counted | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey
The pagoda stood out among the maze below.

Kek Lok Si#6 View On Top | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey
View from the top of the pagoda which we had to negotiate tight stairways and corridors to get to.

Wood Column close up in Kek Lok Si#7 Oh So Intricate | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey

Buddha statue#8 Infinity | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey

Buddha statue#9 Solitude | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey

Buddha statue#10 Peace | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey

Tortoises at Kek Lok Si#11 Hitchin’ a Ride | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey
A spot of tortoise bonding at the Kek Lok Si pond.

Road side biscuit store#12 Old School | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey
After our round of sightseeing, we resumed our hunt for the best Penang Laksa. I think we were making our return to the carpark after another failed attempt as the stall has closed for the day. That’s when we decided to drop by the roadside stall selling biscuits straight from the tins. It was kinda nostalgic as we had grown up eating these biscuits when we were in pre-school.

Penang Street Art#13 Two Pairs | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey
The next day we headed to an area famous for its street art. One of the main attraction was this wall mural of a pair of siblings on an actual bicycle.

Penang Street Art#14 Voyeurism | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey
If you look closely the the words on the telephone booth door read “Fitting Room”. Inside was a mural of a lady undressing. Niceeee.

double exposure bicycle#15 Bi-bi-cycle | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey
Couldn’t resist this double exposure of the 2 bicycles.

That concludes our whirlwind-eat-till-you-drop tour of Ipoh and Penang. Many thanks once again to Darwin for being such a wonderful host. Malaysia Boleh!


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