LomoTravels: Reliving Rome Day 1 / Of Fountains, Obelisks and Pillars

Anddd that’s one off the bucket list, my first foray into the European continent.


Sorry, I still get a bit high while reminiscing about it. So, I’m gonna ride out the high with a series of day by day posts.

First off, to Rome!

Streets of Rome#1 Street | LC-A+ RL | Voigtlander Vchrome 100 DX
Just another day in the streets of Rome.

You guys are probably expecting some dramatic shots of the Colosseum or St Peter’s. But this was the scene that greeted me when we alighted at the B&B. Just streets. But streets that made you feel damn good about yourself.

We checked in to the Capricci Romani B&B (with its very cool and old school elevator) and the owner Massimo gave us a detailed walkthrough of the popular sights of Rome. Their abundance of outstanding reviews in TripAdvisor speak for themselves and I would definitely recommend them to anyone visiting Rome.

We set off for our first destination on foot to Piazza Navona, feasting our eyes upon the sights along our walk there.

St.Peter's Basilica#2 Red Vaticano | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Redscale 100 | BUY IT!
Caught a glimpse of St. Peter’s soon after leaving the B&B.

Castel Sant'Angelo#3 The Castel | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Redscale 100
On the bridge past the Castel Sant’Angelo…

Crowds on Castel Sant'Angelo bridge#4 Handbags | LC-A+ RL | Voigtlander Vchrome 100 DX
Bustling with street performers, peddlers and tourists.

We finally reached Piazza Navona which was a wide open city square (rectangle) bursting with more street artists and peddlers. Restaurants and cafes can be found lined up along the borders of the square. Located in the piazza were 3 fountains which were pretty neat but not exactly at the mind-blowing level.

Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi#5 Fountain #1 | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Redscale 100
Fountain of the Four Rivers where the Nile, Danube, Ganges and Río de la Plata are depicted as gods.

Obelisk of Domitian#6 Obelisk | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Redscale 100
One of the many obelisks that can be found in Rome, this one erected from the base of the Fountain of the Four Rivers.

Fountain of Neptune#7 Fountain #2 | Superheadz UWS | Lomo CN 100 | BUY IT!
Love the contrast of Neptune wrestling with an octopus with the relatively modern buildings in the backdrop.

Soon after, we moved on to the Pantheon in anticipation of seeing its legendary dome with the hollow centre. However, we couldn’t enter as there was a prayer session ongoing. So we had to settle for snapping shots of its exterior and touching its cold ancient pillars.

Pantheon#8 Atop the Pillars of Pantheon | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Redscale 100 | BUY IT!
Lies the declaration, “M·AGRIPPA·L·F·COS·TERTIUM·FECIT”.

With a bit of spare time since our Pantheon plans were foiled, we headed to the nearby Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. Its plain looking facade could have got us fooled into thinking that it was just any other building. Inside it housed the Christ the Redeemer marble sculpture by Michelangelo and a royal blue ceiling dotted with gold stars. The tranquil atmosphere inside aided our recovery from our less than bangin’ start.

Dinner was a good pick me up despite trekking a considerable distance to the Transtevere area where one can find eateries frequented by the locals. There wasn’t much of a crowd at Pizzeria Ai Marmi as we turned up pretty early for Italian dining standards.

We ordered a mushroom pizza, battered cod and suppli with minimal fuss. Binbin especially liked the suppli which a layman like me would describe as a tomato flavored rice ball with a cheese filled centre.

Italian delicacy suppli#9 Super Suppli | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Redscale 100
Hope I didn’t riled the foodie experts out there with my noob description.

By the time we left the pizzeria, the crowd were starting to pour in. We decided to take a stroll along the Tiber river amidst the chilly weather back towards our B&B. Slightly edgy since it was pretty deserted along the way and coupled with scenarios of pickpockets and burglars running through my head (I’m a natural pessimist), we held hands tightly and doubled all the way back.

I’m glad to announce the scaredy cats survived the 1st day.

If you’re curious about the “BUY IT!” links, they are for the snaps that I’ve uploaded onto Redbubble for sale. Purchase as postcards, posters, prints and what not if you’re digging them. Cheerios!


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