LomoTravels: Relishing Florence Day 3 / It’s a Tuscan Wonderland!

An early start to the day with us all geared up for our pre-booked Tuscany tour with Walkabout Florence. Only to meet with a slight setback as it started pouring just as we were about to make our way to the tour bus. It proved to be the only disappointment of the day as the tour turned out to be freakin’ awesome!!

Time flew by all thanks to our guide Steffano who kept us entertained throughout the bus ride to our first stop, Siena. Highlights include the Siena town square also known as Piazza del Campo which is supposedly one of the greatest city squares in the world.

Torre del Mangia#1 Tower of the Eater | LC-A+ RL | Lucky 200 | BUY IT!
Stood in the square, it’s impossible to miss the towering Torre del Mangia.

Palazzo Pubblico#2 Town Hall of Gapped Teeth | LC-A+ RL | Fuji Neopan SS | BUY IT!
Right next door was the Siena town hall which I dropped by and took a quick snap from its courtyard.

The square itself was quite a sight with its red brick tiles and unique seashell shape. We were also regaled with tales of the epic horse race which is held twice a year in the Piazza. Alas, I ain’t got a good picture of it to show you guys.

Siena Duomo#3 B&W | LC-A+ RL | Lucky 200
We were then led to the Siena Duomo which left an impression with its striking black and white facade.

Its interior was as equally impressive as its exterior, decorated with stained glass windows, sculptures, mosaic floors and wall frescoes which were splendidly preserved.

Interior of Siena Duomo#4 Polo Pillars | LC-A+ RL | Fuji Neopan SS | BUY IT!
Not forgetting the black and white theme, even the pillars inside are decorated in the colors of Siena. No idea why they remind me of polo sweets…

Dome of Siena Duomo#5 Star Light Star Bright | LC-A+ RL | Fuji Neopan SS
You can’t see it from this shot, but the dome is actually painted in blue with gold stars.

Floor tiles of Siena Duomo#6 Stars and Crescents | LC-A+ RL | Fuji Neopan SS
Crescents on the floor tiles laid out in the shape of stars. Or am I just seeing things?

Soon after, we were whisked away to a family run Chianti vineyard located in a hilly region for lunch and wine (of course) inclusive of compliementary fresh air and gorgeous views of the countryside.

smiling girl#7 Dimple Girl | Fisheye Baby 110 | Lomo B&W Orca 100
Someone is mighty happy.

Chianti countryside view#8 Ponding | Superheadz UWS | Lomo Redscale XR 50-200
This may or may not be the Chianti Pond (which I definitely made up).

Chickens#9 Chicken Pageant | LC-A+ RL | Fuji Neopan SS
The contestants parade themselves on the pole thinking that the fairest of them all is going to be rewarded with chicken feed.

Fisheye view of chickens#10 Cock Eye | Fisheye Baby 110 | Lomo B&W Orca 100
Here is a close up view for the judges to decide.

Chianti countryside#11 Ciao | Superheadz UWS | Lomo Redscale XR 50-200
Saying our goodbyes to the Chianti countryside.

Next stop, the Medieval Manhattan – San Gimignano, thus known due to its large number of medieval tower houses.

San Gimignano#12 Exhibit A | LC-A+ RL | Fuji Neopan SS | BUY IT!
Refer to Exhibit A.

One of the main draws of San Gimignano is the award winning Gelateria di Piazza (Gelato World Champion 2006-07 and 2008-09) which can be found at the main square. So good that we went back for second servings.

San Gimignano#13 Endless | LC-A+ RL | Fuji Neopan SS
Wandering about town doing nothing in particular, we found ourselves chilling at the garden admiring the endless greenery.

Onwards to our final stop, Pisa! After alighting the bus, we had to board a “choo-choo” train to weave through the roads before arriving at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. With a bit of time to spare before our allocated time slot to climb the tower, we were free to explore the nearby Duomo of Pisa and its Baptistery.

Which we didn’t because we were busy posing with the tower for the typical tourist shots. You know, the ones where you look as if you’re supporting/pushing the tower. And yes, I’ll be kind and spare you from those shots.

The climb was slightly tricky due to the leaning nature of the tower. Our time on top was limited to 15 minutes which we took a few snaps of the Duomo and cast our eyes over the surrounding scenery and the setting sun.

Leaning Tower of Pisa#14 Lean On Me | LC-A+ RL | Fuji Neopan SS | BUY IT!
Arrivederci, dear Leaning Tower.

By the time we got back to Florence it was already 8pm. Bade farewell to Steffano and thanked him for an absolutely interesting and informative tour.
We replenished our hungry souls at the same trattoria we visited yesterday and it’s lights off in anticipation for our train ride to the City of Water tomorrow morning.


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