LomoTravels: Revival Venice Day 1 / Lords of Vaporetta Linea 1

Well, I suppose our luck was going to run out sooner or later. Misfortune came in the form of rain as soon as we arrived at the train station. Thankfully we managed to find our way through the notorious Venetian alleys to our hotel.

First order of business was to hook ourselves up with tickets for the water taxi which is locally known as vaporetta. It is easily the only viable public transport if you wish to get around Venice. More often than not, you will see signs proclaiming “Vaporetta” pointing in all sorts of obscure directions while walking along the streets.

Unfortunately, this time round we fell victims to the maze of Venetian streets while trying to locate the vaporetta stop. Wandered for a good 20 minutes trying to make sense of the map/following the crowd/returning to base and starting all over again. Finally located the stop with the insides of our shoes feeling slightly soggy. D:

Proceeded to purchase the 72 hours tourist pass even though we would be staying for 2 days only. Value for money since a single ride cost 6 euros.

Umbrellas#1 Ella Ella Eh Eh | LC-A+ RL | Fuji Neopan SS | BUY IT!
Waiting to board our first ever vaporetta ride! Rather than being uber hyped about it, I remembered us shivering while holding our damp tickets, second guessing if we were waiting at the right stop.

Destination: St Mark’s Square.

Gondolas in Venice#2 Go Going Gondola | LC-A+ RL | Fuji Neopan SS | BUY IT!
Sight that greeted us right after alighting the stop at St Mark’s. I supposed nobody fancies a gondola ride in the rain.

All we were craving for were piping hot food and our battered spirits only got us as far as one of the cafes bordering the square. Bad mistake as the food were pretty stale (microwaved!) and costly.

Outside, the rain showed no signs of relenting. Neither did the queues waiting to enter the Palazzo Ducale and Saint Mark’s Basilica. We had no choice but to grudgingly alter our plans and skip them all together.

Venice canal#3 Glooms | LC-A+ RL | Fuji Neopan SS
Gloomy sight. Gloomy hearts.

grumpy man#4 Glum | LC-A+ RL | Fuji Neopan SS
Seems like the weather got to Mr Raincoat too.

We ended up spending the rest of the day sat on vaporetta line 1, checking out the sights from afar.

venice#5 So Near | LC-A+ RL | Fuji Neopan SS
Casting envious eyes while wishing the rain away.

venice dusk#6 Dusk | LC-A+ RL | Fuji Neopan SS
Before we knew it, the little lights were gradually coming on.

venice vaporetta dock#7 Choppy | LC-A+ RL | Fuji Neopan SS
The choppy waters conspired to cause much difficulty in docking the boat and me getting a picture of the poor boatman.

Back in the hotel and our thoroughly soaked socks led us to conclude that our shoes were simply not keeping the rain out. Tomorrow’s weather forecast predicted more of the same. It was probably the 1st time going to bed with a slight fear of what were to come tomorrow while on a holiday. :S


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