LomoTravels: Reminiscing London + Manchester Day 1 / Is It Obvious We Are Starting To Get A Lil’ Bit Homesick?

After days of struggling with unfamiliar signs and language, the sound of the announcement in English onboard the Eurostar was sweet music to our ears. We can read where we’re going. We can pronounce the names of the train stations. We can finally talk!!!

Okay being overly dramatic here but you get the point. With our luggage in tow, we navigated through the intricate metro system and finally reached the hotel – Thistle Holborn. As soon as we stepped into the room, we felt the knots of our body eased up. We really needed this.

Especially when the weather is so miserable. Yep, we got the welcome rain which gave us the perfect excuse to have hot kimchi soup at the nearby Korean joint.

And then this happened.

Sleet#1 Let It Snow | Note 2
Freaking snowwwww!! Ok, not proper snow, snow. It’s like the offspring of Mr Rain and Miss Snow after that drunken night of stupor and bad decisions.

Since it was my virgin snow experience (no, Snow City in Jurong East doesn’t count), it made me forget all about the cold as I exclaimed in excitement while bouncing all over the place. I must say binbin wasn’t best pleased.

I’m not sure why but we decided to stick with our plan of walking to Westminster Abbey from Victoria station with the intention of checking out Buckingham Palace and St James’s Park along the way. All despite the crappy weather.

Us at Buckingham#2 Forced Smile? | Note 2
At Buckingham Palace, which is only opened during the summer. So we had to be contented with peering in through the gates and taking some snaps around the exterior.

Duck in St James Park#3 Whatcha’ Lookin’ At | Fisheye Baby 110 | Lomo Peacock Xpro 200
Roaming through St James’s Park and saw plenty of squirrels, swans and ducks scrambling about. Wished we could have spend more time here but at this point our only aim was to get indoors. Fast.

And we finally reached Westminster Abbey. Got in without much of a hassle, hooked up our free audio guides and got on with the self guided tour. The tour was very well organized and informative. Too bad photography was not allowed indoors.

Westminster Abbey#4 Abigail | LC-A+ RL | Provia 100F
View of the Abbey from the corridor leading to the Chapter House and Abbey Museum.

Soon enough it was time to hit the theatre! We had planned to collect our tickets and have an early dinner.

Chinatown, London#5 Honest | Note 2
We weren’t aware that Chinatown was right next door. Honest.

So it didn’t make sense not to have Chinese when you’re in Chinatown. Circled the area to explore our choices and noticed a lot of them offering eat all you can buffets. What’s up with that?

Les Miserables in London#6 Les Mis | Note 2
Refueled and all ready for Les Miserables!

A splendidly awesome show that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Did I mention it was freaking awesome? Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

Walked back to the hotel with superhuman speed in an attempt to avoid being frozen to death. Duly succeeded and our rewards were hot piping cup noodles brought from the Korean supermart opposite the restaurant where we had lunch.

Slurping hot spicy noodles watching reruns of HIMYM, Family Guy and American Dad. Perfect end to the day.

And yea we totally went all out Asian today. Oh London, how you have spoiled us so.


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