LomoTravels: Reminiscing London + Manchester Day 4 / Of Tower of London, Spitalfields and Sunday UpMarket

This is gonna be a short one. As our trip was winding down, we either a) developed holiday fatigue, b) were too immersed in our activities or c) both a) and b) which resulted in us taking less and less photos.

After rushing through breakfast for the past few days, we had abit more time with the hotel buffet spread as the Tower of London opened at 10 on Sundays. Got our tickets with ease which were inclusive of a group tour (which ran at half hourly intervals) led by a Yeoman Warder. Also known as Beefeaters, the Yeoman Warders have been the guardians of the Tower since way back.

entrance of Tower of London#1 Sent to The Tower | LC-A+ RL | Provia 100F
Although a huge crowd was gathering at the entrance where the guided tour was going to start, it didn’t deterred us from waiting it out. Spent a few minutes hanging around and taking snaps of the surrounding.

I must say the English tours we experienced so far have been very enjoyable, This one was no different as our guide regaled us with tales of the famous prisoners of the Tower, the murder of the princes and the executions of Lady Jane Grey and Anne Boleyn amongst other colorful stories.

Yeomen Warder#2 Yo Man | Note 2
Here’s binbin with our very entertaining Beefeater. Apparently, the nickname came about as the warders were given free reign over the leftovers from the King’s feasts. Since beef was highly valued and a luxury for most commoners, they exclusively attacked all the leftover beef and thus came to be known as Beefeater.

In that case, we probably should start addressing Michael Douglas as Cateater.

After the conclusion of the tour, we continued to explore the Tower, checking out the Crown Jewels and the exhibitions on the prisoners and the torture methods deployed during the medieval times. All very interesting.

Tower Bridge#3 London Tower Bridge | Superheadz UWS | Agfa Vista 100
View of the nearby Tower Bridge which we skipped since we were running short on time.

Done with the sightseeing segment of our day, it was time to hit the markets, specifically the Sunday UpMarket (part of Truman Markets) and the Old Spitalfields Market.

Before going into full on shopping mode, we planned to have good ol’ British fish and chips for lunch at the highly recommended Poppies. However, binbin was left none too impressed by the food. I thought it was pretty average, though.

Spitalfields Market#4 Bustlin’ | LC-A+ RL | Provia 100F
Our filled stomachs were further stuffed with regrets when we were hit by a wave of saliva inducing aroma as we stepped foot into the Sunday UpMarket. In here, you can find stalls selling all kinds of cuisine from around the world.

Did our fair share of browsing through the various stalls selling apparel, accessories and artwork before proceeding to Old Spitalfields Market. More of the same here, though the layout of the stalls was more organized. Managed to pick up a few reads for about 2 pounds a piece.

Then it was dinner and back to the hotel to pack our luggage for the trip down to Manchester. Game on!


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