LomoTravels: Reminiscing London + Manchester Day 5 / Matchday Achievement Unlocked

Finally! Ending the trip on a high with the derby match between Man United and Man City. With United on the verge of snatching the title back from City, this could be the match to drive the final nail into City’s coffin. Furthermore, this was my first ever live United match. So excited I could die!

entrance of Tower of London#1 SAF | LC-A+ RL | Provia 100F
We didn’t realise it then, but it was to be Sir Alex Ferguson’s last season in charge. Glad I was able to see his team in the flesh at least once, in his last Manchester derby no less.

The atmosphere outside the ground was electrifying, with a massive horde of United fans surrounding the away fans while exchanging chants and taunts. I think I peed a little in my pants.

entrance of Tower of London#2 Manchester Is My Heaven | LC-A+ RL | Provia 100F
As the drama outside subsided it was time to enter the stadium. Made a quick dash to the washroom before settling down at our seats. Squint and you can actually see the players lined up for the pre-match handshakes and what not.

Fans at Old Trafford #3 Capacity | Note 2
Needless to say it was a near capacity crowd. We almost couldn’t get the tickets so my advice for those looking to hit the big matches is to plan ahead and book early. As early as when the fixtures are released at the start of the season. No kidding.

Me at Old Trafford#4 Baldie & Me | Note 2
Binbin taking time out during a break in play to take a pic of myself (and a balding head) at the match.

Also picked up a chant at the game and which went like this:

United is the team for me
With a knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone
Why don’t City f*ck off home

(to the tune of This Old Man)

End up we were the one who got f*cked off home as United fell to a 2-1 defeat. Ugh.

Well, I guess you just can’t have it all. A bittersweet end to our trip but the good moments definitely far outweigh the bad ones. All thanks to binbin! ❤


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