Queenstown Through My Superheadz UWS

Well, not the one in New Zealand or any other Commonwealth countries. It’s the Queenstown right here in Singapore.

It has the honor of being the first satellite town in Singapore and was developed between the 50s and 60s. I remember stumbling onto some recent pictures of the area which left me pretty fascinated. It was old and beat-up. It was so… foreign.

However, the number of visits I’ve ever made to Queenstown can probably be counted on the stubby fingers of my hands. The bulk of it when I was a pimply teenager looking to score a bargain for a pair of football boots at Queensway Shopping Centre. And oh, baggy berms too.

So I wielded my keyboard and did some research on the places I could check out. With my enhanced knowledge, I’m all set and ready to rumble.

All photos taken with Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim (UWS) on Agfa Vista 100.

Queenstown cinemaSorry We’re Closed, Forever
Was hoping to check out the surroundings of the abandoned cinema but it has been barricaded. Great start.

lone treeForever Alone
“I’m so ronery”

These mom-and-pop stores are fast becoming a rarity. And yet there was this whole stretch of them. Selling cakes, biscuits and even furniture. Gonna miss them when they are gone.

There used to be a railway service along the area which has now become some sort of a bike trail surrounded by overgrown flora as we found out first hand…

forest trailBallsy
On our way to the trail with this scene straight out from a B-grade slasher flick staring us down, screaming “Do Not Enter”.

girlOh Hai
Putting on a strong front when we’re just about to enter the dark abyss.

overgrown bushesDone and Dusted
Strutting away like a boss.

forest trailThe Trail
We caught a peek of some colonial houses along the way but other than that it was all mainly greenery and half naked construction workers.

The trail finally came to an end at the entrance of a construction site which signaled our return to civilization.

MRT trainSub
No old railway track so we gotta make do with a modern one.


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