How (Not) To Panorama on The Diana F+

As mentioned in my Beginner’s Guide to Diana F+, one of the Diana’s funky features is the panorama shot. But make sure you have the correct settings (46.5 x 46.5 frame mask, 16 shots) before you go all panorama crazy.

Here are two of my sample shots which are frankly quite disastrous. Haha, but that’s just the way I like it.

Diana F+ PanoramaPanoErawan
Taken at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok last year. Click to enlarge and see the flaws in their full glory.

Diana F+ PanoramaPanoKekLokSi
Looked like Fruit Ninja paid a visit to Kek Lok Si temple.

So how do you NOT achieve these sort of results? Firstly, use a tripod (not that it will help for a vertical panorama). This will ensure that the panorama maintains the same level throughout.

Lastly, rehearse your shot to determine the number of frames required to capture the panorama. You wouldn’t want your last frame to capture a huge chunk of nothingness. Of course, you need to remember the reference point you started from so as not to screw up the actual shot.

Yup, that’s it. I have only two tips to offer. One of which I definitely do not follow and the other I’m quite liberal with.

Ooo, just remembered one more. Check out for more tips.


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