About Me

My mug shot

Hey you, it’s Yao Liang here and you seem to have stumbled onto my blog slash portfolio, hopefully through my t-shirt designs or photos. If you’re here because you tracked me down over that thing that happened in ’96. IT WASN’T ME! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

All jokes aside (you know that was a joke right?), I’m here to boast about my photos, flaunt my designs and share little snippets of my awesome life. Check out my t-shirt designs which are available for purchase either from my redbubble store or shirtyfooty.com, my very own online store dedicated to selling football (soccer) tees.

If you feel the crazy urge to contact me for design jobs/features/secret missions you can do so at chuayaoliang@gmail.com. Bye bye for now!


4 responses to “About Me”

  1. Jeeheon says :

    great photos, i love the look of your lomo shots!

  2. Paul Dorey says :

    Love the footy t-shirt designs. Are you interested in setting up a similar store on my Merchandise Shops affiliate site? I’m not sure how much commission you make through spreadshirt, but I’m sure we are competitive and can offer full customisation of your shop. Let me know – Cheers Paul

    • jusstdesserts says :

      Hi Paul, thank you for dropping by. I’m quite alright with the current Spreadshirt platform so not really looking to make any changes to it. But thanks for the offer and I’ll be sure to let you know if I have a change of mind. Cheers!

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