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Why Always You??

My post on Shirtyfooty Blog. Oh yes, I drew that comic too.

Shirtyfooty Blog

Balotelli red card against Arsenal

The immediate aftermath of Balotelli’s silly red card resulted in an avalanche of knee jerk responses from both Roberto Mancini and the media. Claims of Balotelli having played his last game in a Man City shirt is surely premature.

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Be back in 6 days.

Off to Hong Kong to gorge myself silly and do plenty of shopping, especially for my next toy camera. Read more about it when I get back! For now, you guys will just have to make do with this awesome piece of photography taken with my Diana Mini.

Just four more hours till boarding. Excited much!

That’s My New Year Resolution Sorted

…before the middle of the year no less. Yayness! I made a promise to start my own online shop selling t-shirts. So here it is. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you,

As the name suggests, the main focus is on football(soccer) t-shirts. On my part, I’ll be coming up with the designs, while the printing and shipping will be handled by the guys over at It’s kinda like renting an online shop space from them, and they take care of the customer end of things. If you guys are interested to know more about opening your own shop, clickety over here.

I decided to go with Spreadshirt as they are pretty reputable and I’ve heard good stuffs about the quality of their prints as compared to other t-shirt producers such as Zazzle and Cafepress. Plus they offer a wide range of t-shirt brands such as American Apparel, Gildan, Anvil, etc. So plenty of choices for everyone.

Other than designing the t-shirts, there was and still is plenty of work to be done. I had to set up my own website which was quite a fair bit of work. From registering domain, choosing a web host and hand coding my own webpages. And there is also the marketing and promoting which is equally if not more time consuming than the actual designing process. To juggle all that and maintain a semblance of social life is pretty darn challenging. Not to mention there is the day job too. But I did it! Thank god for a supportive gf! You da bomb binbin!

Needless to say, I’m pretty proud to have achieved what I set out to do. But this is not the be all and end all. I know there is still plenty of work to be done to make it a success. This is when you guys come in! Do drop by the site and check out some of the stuff. Will love any suggestions and feedback, be it designs, webpages, marketing, the works. Be a darling and share the site with your friends and family. Link us on your blogs. Check out the shirtyfooty blog, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Drinks on me if I managed to sell 50 shirts in this month.

Lemme see… Hmmm. That makes it 50 more to go.

A Christmas Post

Hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas. I sure had a blast. Woot woot!

Pictures say a thousand words, so yada yada..

Binbin trying on my self made Mankind mask. Yea. Christmas WWE Theme Party. Awesome or what?


My turn! My turn!!


Quiet Christmas Eve dinner followed by Udders ice cream 😀


Binbin with Sam the Schizo Snowman! The tee came too late and didn’t make it for Christmas though. 😦


Rock and Sock connection at Christmas WWE Theme Party. As you can see, Jon was pretty wary of Mr Socko.


The Superstars. From L-R.

Front row: Rey “Wee Loon” Mysterio, John “Hsi Hao” Cena, Mankind (me), Ivan Carlito.

Back row: Super “Nicholas” Mario, The “Chye” Undertaker, Paul “Joo” Bearer, Thai “Jiaxi” Boxer, Bret “Kah Guan” Hart, Triple H/Stone “Weihao” Cold, The “Jon” Rock.

Many more awesome photos and videos that are best kept away from the public eye.


That’s all from me. Thanks one and all for making this Christmas an ultra memorable one. Cheers!

Rock on to 2011! Whoopie!!





Good news are meant to be shared

Hi all my loyal readers! It’s been awhile and I’m back with a lovely piece of news! Drumroll pls…

Pullu pulluuuu!!!
(Yea that’s the trumpet if you’re wondering)

Redbubble is having a 15% sale!!! Rejoice people!!
If you guys have been dying to own one of my mind blowing masterpieces, now is the perfect time!!
All you have to do is enter this discount code: chylng_is_on_sale_5120 when purchasing any of my works on redbubble.

Here is how you do it.
Pick out the stuffs you wanna buy from my portfolio (free shipping if you buy 4 items or more), add to shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
Stashed away on the right side of the checkout page is a box that looks like this:

Just enter the discount code as shown and the payment amount will be updated accordingly. Simples!

Don’t wait anymore!
Check out my portfolio now and shop away!!

Offer ends on 14 November. Mai tu liao.

Use Somebody

Been a while since my last post. Been busy with a bunch of stuffs, brainstorming, laying on my lazy bum and having a semblance of a life.

Have not got round on any new designs lately, although I took a few shots last week at Chunkfest. Still got a fair bit of shots left on my film so I’ve got nothing to show for now. Also been thinking of my next investment already…

Anyway, chanced upon this cover while browsing random videos on Youtube. Must admit I didn’t like Kings of Leon for no apparent reason and ‘Use Somebody’ being overplayed on radio irritated the crap outta me.

However, I absolutely love Paramore’s version.

Ohhh.. ohhhhh.. ohh…oh..oh..

let’s rewind

Something to look forward to for the coming weekend. Thought of a photography theme while I was finishing up my roll today.


Gonna pay a visit to my favourite haunts when I was still a wee kid. Here is my itinerary.

X marks my starting point: home.

My 1st stop will be the mama shop I frequent when I was still staying at my old place. Which was like 6 blocks away from my current place. Anw I heard that it has now become a 7-11 franchise. 😦 Still I’m gonna see it for myself.

Next up will be my alma mater: Bedok Town Primary School. Wonder if it has been tore down yet. It was still there after the school closed down eons ago.

Next will be the row of shops right opposite the school. Used to hang around there, buying football stickers and dragon ball z cards from the stationery store, having my meals at the kopi thiam. Wonder if any of them are still left. Hmm..

Ah 4th stop is the basketball court where I honed my football skills, chasing down the plastic ball that cost $1.30 like it’s made of gold. Awesome days.

Last but not least a couple of playgrounds which made me remember my silly days as a kid.

I can’t wait for weekends to come soon enough! And I gotta develop my 1st roll!

So many things to look forward to! Wheeeee!

Now to pray for a sunny weekend.