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Football Faces: Shearer T-shirt

Recently woke up to a surprise in my Shirtyfooty inbox. An email inquiring if the store will be coming up with any Football Faces t-shirts of Newcastle United players, specifically Alan Shearer.

Newcastle legend – Alan Shearer
(photo courtesy of

YAY!!! Yep that’s pretty much my face when I realised someone actually notices my work.

Feeling rather good about it and thinking that Shearer could make an interesting addition to the Football Faces series, I sprung into creating the design. I mean that hair is surely too awesome to pass up.

Alan Shearer t-shirt design

Football Faces: Shearer

In the end, I spent the bulk of my time tweaking and shaping that maddening patch of hair. Think I just about got it right in the end.

Anyhoo, here is the link for the the t-shirt in men size:

Coincidentally, there is an ongoing promotion till 04-Feb for free standard shipping. Enter coupon code LOVELY14 at the checkout and the shipping costs will be deducted accordingly.


My Football Tees: Football Faces

“So whatever happened to your t-shirt store?”

Was caught off guard by this question over drinks on New Year’s Eve as barely anyone ever bother asking. Maybe my friends are just too cool to ask. Or they are just a bunch of cynics who assumed the store had tanked long ago.

Either way, for the benefit of those who are wondering, the store is still alive (three cheers!). I’ve actually created a new t-shirt series of footballers’ portraits a few months back but didn’t blog about it until now.

The series is called Football Faces and is available for sale at

Below are just some of my favorites from the series.

Wayne Rooney t-shirt design

Wayne Rooney

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My Football T-shirt Design: #thankyousiralex

Warning: This is gonna be an emotional post.

Yes, I’m a Manchester United fan. What do u mean why? I’m a Singaporean that’s why. (There have always been jibes about Man United and their apparent lack of local support. Claim back in the days was that Man United fans in Singapore greatly outnumber those in Manchester. Good one that.)

In all seriousness, growing up in the 90s, a typical Singaporean boy (no girls cos they stink and don’t watch football when I was 9) pledged their allegiance to a few select teams, namely Man United, Liverpool, Blackburn and Newcastle. These were the so called best teams growing up.

But no, that wasn’t really the reason I started supporting Man United. My story was of pure fate. I had no knowledge of football prior to 1994 and started to gain some interest after tagging along my elder brothers in watching the football telecasts. I remembered Maradona’s solo goal against Greece and the picture of him on the newspaper front page with a headline that screamed “I’M BACK!!!”

World cup fever came and left. And that was that. I had no concept of football leagues being played overseas. Until one day I accidentally chanced upon a telecast. Oh how i missed you the lush greenery of the football pitch. An out of the world goal was being replayed on the television.
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Just Another Shameless Plug

Ok, before I dive right in into another one of my Threadless submission, let me give you the backstory behind my inspiration.

It actually happened quite a fair bit ago, when I chanced upon a DVD sale at the mega mart. There were a few classic movies going at ridiculous prices. (or so I remembered, since it was so long ago.) I grabbed a few and one of them was Taxi Driver starring Robert De Niro.

The younger generation will probably remember De Niro from the Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers. Remember?

De Niro from Meet the Parents

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Challenge Accepted

Here I am, embarking on a new Threadless challenge for a jetpack design. No, not the flying kind you see in the futuristic sci-fi movies. More like a regular backpack with a fancier name that’s all.

For the benefit of those new to, it started as an online store where users get to submit their own t-shirts designs. Designs will be available for voting by Threadless members for a 7 day period. Members can rate the designs from 0 to 5 with 5 being the best and 0 being the worst. At the end of the voting period, the average score will be tabulated. The highly rated designs will then be selected to be printed as Threadless tees.

From time to time, Threadless issue challenges with specific design themes. They have also expanded their range of products to include hoodies, singlets, polo tees, backpacks and jetpacks. So that’s all I have for Threadless 101.

Moving on to the design I’ve submitted…

Gimli axe and ponytail design

“And My Axe!” up for voting at

It’s a reference to the brash dwarven character from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, Gimli. “And my axe” is actually one of the lines from the movie made popular as a meme.

LOTR Gimli's back view

The real Gimli’s back view

I figured it would make a pretty handy ice-breaker to carry such an awesome jetpack. Provided you’re not a shortie. If you are, you can always try taking the jokes in your stride and be known as the guy-who-don’t-mind-laughing-at-himself.

Sign up for a threadless account and vote for my design! Critique and comments are very much welcome.

Kompany’s Balloony Head

Another one of my designs straight from the oven. Check out for more football t-shirts.

Think I may lay off the football designs for awhile and meddle with other subjects. Any suggestions? I’ll give you a cut. Maybe. Or not.

Shirtyfooty Blog


Manchester City took the initiative in the English Premier League title race as they sealed a 1-0 victory at the Etihad Stadium on Monday. It was a fairly even game with neither keeper being tested until the 45th min, when Man City captain, Vincent Kompany inflated his balloony head and floated over the hapless Man Utd defence to knock the winner home.

T-shirts commemorating this epic event are now on sale at Grab yours today!

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My latest design for sale at

Shirtyfooty Blog

Having rapidly rose through the ranks at Atletico Madrid (he started the 2009/10 season as the third choice keeper and finished it as the 1st choice), David de Gea sealed a big money move to Manchester United to fill its number one spot. Things didn’t go quite as well expected, with de Gea conceding a fair amount of dodgy goals and was dropped as a result. Then followed his doughnut fiasco.

Fortunately, his form started to peak with THAT save against Chelsea (or so he claims, although Lindergaard’s injury was more of a factor as it forced Fergie to start him in every game). Compliments have started pouring in, praising his outstanding determination, maturity and hair.

Get the t-shirt at Shirtyfooty’s UK Store or US Store. Available in men, ladies and kids size.

Remember to check out other exclusive football t-shirts at!

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