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Bali Brouhaha IV: Beachin’

Presenting, the absolute last of the Bali Brouhaha series. Click on Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 if you missed them previously.

We haven’t been on a proper beach throughout our trip and with it being one of the attractions of Bali, we sure as hell couldn’t give it a miss. Faced with so many choices coupled with our indecision, we took the easy way out and got the driver to send us to the nearest beach.

We alighted at Ku De Ta Beach Club, which is supposedly the place to be in Bali, especially if you like to partayy. But nope, no party for us as parties even of the Ku De Ta kind don’t start at 11am. Made the short walk across the compound to be greeted by these fabulous sights.

Bali Beach#1 Bitchin’ | Superheadz UWS | Kodak Elitechrome 200
As in awesome or great, even though we had to pay to rent one of the beach beds for an hour. Yep, nothing comes for free. However, I can’t recall how much we paid. But I did made a feeble attempt to haggle and succeed! Haha, cheap thrill.
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Bali Brouhaha III: Sunsets of Tanah Lot

Here comes Part 3 of my recollections of Bali. Click on the links if you missed out on Part 1 and Part 2.

Tanah Lot has gotta be one of the must see sights of Bali, even with its massive crowd of tourists. The awesome sight of the sun setting right before you, it seems like nothing else really matters at all. That is until the mosquitoes start biting.

Tanah Lot lomo#1 Tanah Lot | LC-A+ RL | Fujichrome T64
As Tanah Lot is situated on a offshore rock, we couldn’t explore the temple proper with the tide rising.
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I’m Not the Flora Kind of Guy

That’s what I learned from my visit to the Botanic Gardens. I’m ashamed to say that pretty much every plant looks the same to me. And those Latin names, they just befuddle the crap out of me.

Thinking about it makes my brain hurts. So I’ll do good by recalling all the other stuffs I encountered. The ducklings, the swans (both black and white), families chilling out, busy Korean lady with her huge ass hat and loud dressing, the gigantic monitor lizard which drew numerous oohhs and ahhs.

It was also the debut of my new camera, the Diana F+ and my 1st experience with a 120mm camera. Boy, I had a hard time figuring out how to load/unload and finding the film counter (FYI, it doesn’t have a physical film counter). I should probably do a tutorial on that. Right after I finished with these photos:

Ducklings#1 Quack | Diana F+ | B&W Lady Grey 400
That’s what I call a duck’s eye view.
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There is only so much shopping, movie watching and searching of delicacies one can do in Singapore before you find yourself asking, “What now?”

Miniature golf, that’s what.

I’m not sure how many is aware of its existence but there is a mini golf facility, Lilliputt, located at East Coast Park and has been in operation for a good number of years.

We turned up with a pocket full of dough in exchange for a putting club, a neon golf ball and…

Girl with socks#1 Funky Socks | LC-A+ RL | Sunny CN 200
If the grey-headed socks are too funky for your liking, you will do good to BYOS as you will not be allowed to wear shoes nor go barefooted on the golf course.
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Burning Tree

I never really know what I’ll get with night shots, especially when I can’t be arsed to use a tripod. To me, the spirit of Lomography is essentially about spontaneity, so I don’t get the point of lugging a tripod and setting it up meticulously for a shot. Or I could just be finding an excuse for being lazy.

Anyway here are more of my spontaneous night shots with bonus blur.

Christmas Tree#1 Burning Tree | LC-A+ RL | Lomo CN 100
We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world’s been turning.

Cool song.
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Night Lights

Just dropping a few pics to let you guys know I’m still alive and kicking. These babies go way back to last Christmas when the nights are always splendidly lit. Especially at Orchard Road.

double exposure night shop#1 Waldo | LC-A+ RL | Sunny CN 200
Didn’t realise that this was a double exposure until closer inspection.
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Genting + KL Road Trippin’

with my favourite allies… (10 bonus points for those who know which song I’m referencing without googling)

Well sort of, except instead of driving our own vehicle we relied on buses and taxis. Which means we spent a whole chunk of our trip sleeping in awkward positions, waking up to pins and needles and holding our pee in. Other than that, the getaway was pretty much awesome.

For starters, we overslept, almost missed the bus and had our fair share of childish giggles.


"Damnnn dat ass", said the aunties after checking out our dear friend's junk

Finally reached Genting and gambled for a couple of hours. Was my 1st ever attempt at the tables and I can conclude there is no such thing as beginner’s luck. At least for me.

First World Hotel#1 Scam City
Is it just me or does that color scheme screams tacky? Fine, I’m just being bitter. Read More…