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Hectic Hong Kong: Mad Dash Thru Macau

Hola! I’m back with another follow up of my Hong Kong adventures. This time round, we took a much needed break from squeezy train rides and snaking long queues. By subjecting ourselves to an impossible dash thru Macau, in a single day. Damn those bloody kiasu genes of ours.

#1 Jugular | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Chrome 100
Boom! Going straight for the jugular upon hitting the shores of Macau. Right here at the Venetian casino where the space is limitless. Something very much appreciated having been thru the rigors of Hong Kong.

#2 Eye | LC-A+ RL | Provia 400
After expending minimal moolah at the casino (gambling rules can be so complex and intimidating), we went around exploring other parts of the Venetian. There is no denying the lavishness of its decor. The details of the ceiling and beams made me go “woahhhhhaweseommeeeehitttt” at first sight.

#3 Lisbon Lion | LC-A+ RL | Provia 400
Double exposure shot of a tower outside the Venetian and its intricate details.

#4 Good Mood | Superheadz UWS | Kodak Etakchrome T160 (Exp)
Somebody’s mighty happy in Macau…

#5 Bad Mood | Superheadz UWS | Kodak Etakchrome T160 (Exp)
While another is a grump. Nahhh.. Just posing for the cam. Macau was pretty cool. Even their random wall tiles rock socks.

#6 Squared | Superheadz UWS | Kodak Etakchrome T160 (Exp)
Senado Square, where the Portuguese bigwigs used to chill and make merry, lamenting about crappy conditions living in the East eons ago. Ok, that was just my imagination since Wikipedia wasn’t of much help.

#7 Mustard. Cut. | LC-A+ RL | Provia 400
St. Dominic’s Church. And yes I got that from Wiki. C’mon, you can’t expect me to translate the sign at the front which read “Largo De S.Domingos”.

#8 Big 38 | Superheadz UWS | Kodak Etakchrome T160 (Exp)
The main purpose of our Macau trip (apart from casinos and almond cookies). I’m sure those who grew up watching that HK drama starring Julian Cheung will remember this.

#9 Cherry on Top | LC-A+ RL | Provia 400
That’s the view from the top of the stairs, after bashing thru the 5836th tourist.

#10 The Thinker | LC-A+ RL | Provia 400
The Thinker, Macau trishaw uncle version.

#11 Goodbye. Goodnight. | LC-A+ RL | Provia 400
My last shot of Macau at The Wynn. But (fortunately or unfortunately), this ain’t my last post of the Hectic Hong Kong series. There is probably one final post to go. Or 2.


Hectic Hong Kong: Livin’ it up in Lantau

Brain dead after a combo of sickness + intensive designing + cooped at home for 2 consecutive days. I can so do with a holiday right now. Ughhhh. What I cannot do physically, I’ll just have to achieve it mentally by reminiscing about my not-so-recent holiday.

We visited Lantau Island (skipped Disneyland, heard too many horror stories), specifically to visit the Big Buddha statue in Ngong Ping village and take a breather from urban life. Nevertheless, there is no escaping the crowd. As usual snaking queues were formed up for the cable car to our destination. On hindsight, the wait was actually bearable for Hong Kong standards.

#1 All Onboard | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Chrome 100
All onboard the CC finally! The journey was so long that we got into the topic on how cable car works. Nerds.

#2 Omnongnong | Superheadz UWS | Kodak Etakchrome T160 (Exp)
Got to our destination and barged through the mass of staff hawking our photos and souvenirs. On a sidenote, we noticed Hong Kong love to include 360 in their marketing and branding of touristy destinations. What’s the deal with dat?

#3 Commercetown | Superheadz UWS | Kodak Etakchrome T160 (Exp)
If you find yourself surrounded by Italian restaurants and Starbucks, do not be alarmed. They are just there to provide air con in exchange of ripping tourists off.

#4 ❤ | Superheadz UWS | Kodak Etakchrome T160 (Exp)
Sunflares + UWS = ❤
Hint: the shape of the leaves

#5 Ascent | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Chrome 100
And so the climb begins. Nothing compared to our Krabi Tiger Cave Temple feet. Yes pun intended. Anw loving the intense blue of the sky in this pic.

#6 Aged | Superheadz UWS | Kodak Etakchrome T160 (Exp)
Do not be fooled by the smoothing, moderate feeling in this pic. It was actually an insanely hot day. We got sunburnt in the end.

#7 Summary Splitz | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Chrome 100
This shot is a summary of what to expect in Ngong Ping. Big Buddha statue, hills, natural landscape and ermm.. a red door. Which is the entrance to the temple/museum. This shot was made possible with the Splitzer, an accessory you can fit on the LCA to take selected portions of multiple exposures. Hmm, I’m not explaining this very well. Google it.

#8 Upclose | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Chrome 100
A close up on the engraving near the foot of the Big Buddha.

#9 Her | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Chrome 100
Binbin suggested making our way to the Path of Wisdom which is a distance away from the Big Buddha. That’s her trying her best for a candid shot.

#10 Him | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Chrome 100
That’s me all smiles. But actually dying out for some aircon.
I complain alot, don’t I?

#11 POW | Superheadz UWS | Kodak Etakchrome T160 (Exp)
So there. Path of Wisdom. With nice shaded pavilions around for visitors to rest and enjoy the view…

#12 A | Superheadz UWS | Kodak Etakchrome T160 (Exp)
which is pretty darn awesome

After all the praying and enlightenment, what better way to follow it up with a trip to Asia’s Sin City: Macau? No? Didn’t think so. Check out next post for some Macau shenanigans.

Hectic Hong Kong: To the Peak!

Continuing from the previous post on my adventures in Hectic Kingdom…

One of the must-go places I read about on Hong Kong was The Peak and how wonderful the night scenery is, although it can be quite crowded at the Peak Tram Terminal. Which is kinda expected since it’s a tourist attraction, right? But those websites seriously should have made more of a effort in putting a huge ass disclaimer warning how mad crowded it can get. It’s seriously crowded, like cereally no kidding. So here I am doing all Hong Kong visitors a favor.


To be fair, I’m sure there is a less stressful way to get to The Peak which I should have done a bit of research on. Ok, rant over. Time for pictures I took on our way to The Peak and the aftermath of it all.

We had finished an awesome dinner, albeit a pricey one at Yung Kee (must try century egg and roasted goose) and started to make our way to the terminal on foot. Walking along the road and took a few snaps here and there.

#1 Irony
One of my favourite multi-exposure shot so far, which delivers a handy message we tend to neglect pretty often.

#2 Life
Happens so fast, everything’s a blur.
I also call it the Initial D shot.

#3 Fruit
So fast forward to The Peak after all the trouble we went through, where we can finally enjoy the fruit of our labor.
And a blur shot of the night scenery.

#4 Limitless
We’re finally back on level ground, getting up close and personal to these giants. I love how the lights just seem to go on and on and on into the night sky.

#5 Prey
The stalker’s point of view. (Enter Jaws’ theme music, dum dum dum dum dum..)

#6 Artymath
That’s the aftermath of a trip to The Peak. Glazed eyes, disheveled and disorientated.
Ok fine, I didn’t set the focus right.

Initially, I had my doubts on how well the LC-A+ can take photos at night without flash. I must say I’m very satisfied how it turned out. Well, that concludes all I have for this post. Stay tuned for more of my HK updates!


Be back in 6 days.

Off to Hong Kong to gorge myself silly and do plenty of shopping, especially for my next toy camera. Read more about it when I get back! For now, you guys will just have to make do with this awesome piece of photography taken with my Diana Mini.

Just four more hours till boarding. Excited much!

Kickass Krabi 3: Best of the Rest

Hi kids, this post marks the last of my Kickass Krabi series. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. As the title suggests, the pictures will chronicle some of the other stuffs we got up to in Ao Nang. The nightlife, beaches and other parts of town we tried exploring. On foot.

So obviously we didn’t get too far. Come dinner time we will usually walk along the stretches of (mostly Western) restaurants and settle down when our stomach starts growling. As with most touristy places, there were plenty of touts clambering for your attention.


#1 This is how we got this picture. Smartass tout spotted my Diana Mini and appeared to be intrigued by it. Proceeded to ask me what it is and looked incredulous when told it was a camera. Asked to see it and duly persuaded us to pose for the camera. Then came the sales pitch, which I declined by saying we’ve eaten. Promised to be back to try it some other time. Obviously I didn’t. Thai food were more of our thang.


#2 In our treacherous (did I mention the zombie-movie-type-hordes-of-touts?) trek in search of good Thai food, I took time out to use bulb mode on the Mini to capture some light streaks. Can’t remember how long I held the shutter opened though… Damn.


#3 The holy grail. Authentic Thai street food. Noodle soup FTW. The owners were so warm and kind. Made the experience all the more awesome.


#4 Dessert was chocolate banana pancake. Nothing much to shout about although we saw plenty of people with pancakes in hand. Kinda like a thinner and crispier roti prata.


#5 We tried fish spa for the 1st time ever. Mainly because it was relatively cheaper as compared to the exorbitant prices they are charging back home. From my expression, it’s safe to conclude I am and will never be an avid fan of fish spas. I may have also pissed off the owner by dissuading onlooking bystanders not to try it. Uh-oh.


#6 We had some spare time left on the last day. So we tried exploring other parts of Ao Nang in the day. Here is an awesome backdrop of the island/hill/mountain.


#7 God bless the poor chap tasked to sort out the cables.


#8 A couple shares a quiet moment at the beach.


#9 Little red stranded boat


#10 Let’s ride off into the sunset.

(Actually it’s just the redscale effect. The sun was nowhere near setting.)

With that let’s all bid farewell to Krabi. Till next time! (I really ought to be sleeping hence the swift conclusion)