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Football Faces: Shearer T-shirt

Recently woke up to a surprise in my Shirtyfooty inbox. An email inquiring if the store will be coming up with any Football Faces t-shirts of Newcastle United players, specifically Alan Shearer.

Newcastle legend – Alan Shearer
(photo courtesy of http://www.theguardian.com)

YAY!!! Yep that’s pretty much my face when I realised someone actually notices my work.

Feeling rather good about it and thinking that Shearer could make an interesting addition to the Football Faces series, I sprung into creating the design. I mean that hair is surely too awesome to pass up.

Alan Shearer t-shirt design

Football Faces: Shearer

In the end, I spent the bulk of my time tweaking and shaping that maddening patch of hair. Think I just about got it right in the end.

Anyhoo, here is the link for the the t-shirt in men size: http://shirtyfooty.spreadshirt.com/football-faces-shearer-guys-A14426477/customize/color/1.

Coincidentally, there is an ongoing promotion till 04-Feb for free standard shipping. Enter coupon code LOVELY14 at the checkout and the shipping costs will be deducted accordingly.


My Football Tees: Football Faces

“So whatever happened to your t-shirt store?”

Was caught off guard by this question over drinks on New Year’s Eve as barely anyone ever bother asking. Maybe my friends are just too cool to ask. Or they are just a bunch of cynics who assumed the store had tanked long ago.

Either way, for the benefit of those who are wondering, the store is still alive (three cheers!). I’ve actually created a new t-shirt series of footballers’ portraits a few months back but didn’t blog about it until now.

The series is called Football Faces and is available for sale at shirtyfooty.com.

Below are just some of my favorites from the series.

Wayne Rooney t-shirt design

Wayne Rooney

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King Kenny

I just wonder why didn’t anybody think of this before.
No, not the nickname. The t-shirt.

King as in the King in the deck of playing cards. And Kenny as in Kenny Dalglish. I present to you the latest design from my online store,

Kenny Dalglish tee

I included some Liverpool references in the design such as the Liver bird, the 5 times European Cup wins and the famous YNWA slogan. Also sneak in a reference to Celtic which Kenny started his playing career at.

Do drop by shirtyfooty.com and get your King Kenny tees in men, women or children sizes. Or feel free to check out other tshirt designs. I bet they will come in pretty handy as Christmas gifts.

Fergie, Fergie Buy This Tee

Sir Alex Ferguson recently celebrated 25 years in the hotseat at Manchester United. That is almost as long as I’ve been in existence. The media have been running features lauding his achievements and reviewing some of the highlights of his career.

Off the top of my head, here is a few of what I remember about the man,

  • Winning.
  • Fallout with his one time assistant, Brian Kidd, who is currently Man City’s assistant manager.
  • Paying crazy money (at that time) for Andy Cole which looks like an awful mistake at that time.
  • Paying even crazier money for Juan Sebastian Veron which is definitely an awful mistake.
  • The boot to Beckham’s beautiful head and their subsequent fallout.
  • His rivalry with Wenger and his livid response when Wenger said the immortal line, “Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home”. Kaboomz!
  • Fallout with Jaap Stam and replaced him with 35 year old Laurent Blanc. *sound of title challenge crumbling*
  • His retirement u-turn and the disaster precluding that.
  • His subsequent mellowing, affording plenty of leeway in his treatment of the modern footballers like Ronaldo and Rooney.
  • His purple nose.

alex ferguson

Trust me, it looks way purpler on screen. With this one outstanding physical trait, I thought it will be a good idea to do up a caricature of the man that everyone can identify with. Added with a subtle distressed effect and slapped on a t-shirt, this is what I came up with:

Sir Alex Ferguson tshirt

The t-shirt is now on sale at shirtyfooty.com. Available in men, women and children sizes, with a free choice of tshirt color. Spread the Fergie love y’all.