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Oh Memories, Where’d You Go?

A wise man once said, “There’s a time and a place for everything, and it’s called college.”

For me, that place was University. I’m not saying I partied a hell load, turn up drunk for classes or experimented with drugs. Nothing that dramatic.

Just good old independent living, doing your own laundry, cooking your own meals (if I’m in the mood), staying up all night stalking Facebook profiles, etc. And no, national service doesn’t count because it stinks and you have no freedom whatsoever.
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Day Trip to Melaka

I had ever been to Malacca once before. When I was in Primary 5 or 6. I felt like I had a good time then but can’t really remember the details of what we did. Maybe it’s ALWAYS fun to get out of the country. So I was pretty psyched up for this one too.

We set off at about 8am, expecting to reach at around 12 noon. We had neglected the fact that it was a public holiday. Public holiday = Massive traffic jam. Our bus was pretty much stuck for what seems to be an eternity.

And then we finally reached.

At 3pm.

Awesome or what? Our only saving grace was the fact that we didn’t purchase tickets for the return trip departing Malacca at 5pm. That would have been an ultimate facepalm moment. We bought tickets for the latest departure timing and wasted no time in heading down to where all the action is: Jonker Street.

Photos were taken using my Superheadz Ultra Wide & Slim on ISO 100 black and white film and also Diana Mini on…I can’t remember dammit.

#1 Here we are! Our growling stomachs reminding us it’s time for our late lunch.

#2 This eatery with its unassuming exterior serves quite a wicked dish of Chicken Rice Balls. Or maybe we were just famished.

#3 Right after stuffing ourselves silly, we went straight for another one of Malacca’s delicacy: Chendol.

#4 Binbin and Janet while waiting..

#5 And waiting..

#6 After downing our little bowls of gula melaka (palm sugar syrup) filled Chendol, we got up on our feet and started exploring. More delicacies were lying in wait as there were quite a few roadside stalls lined up along the street. This is one of the stall selling popiah. Didn’t try it though cos we were too full.

#7 We walked and walked before finally reaching the pier to board our cruise to nowhere…

#8 Not! It’s just a huge ass ship monument probably to commemorate Malacca’s history as a shipping port.

#9 A unique water wheel feature where we rested before deciding to go in search of the elusive Portuguese egg tarts.

#10 Our awesome shadows, tired but happy.

A good trip overall. Shame about the jam though. It was a pity we didn’t get to explore more but I suppose we did as much as we could given the limited time we had. Perhaps we can try some other eateries or delicacies the next time we’re there. Aye.. Blogging about this mini trip made me wanna go for a proper holiday even more. Coupled with the fact that I’m missing the Krabi days after watching The Hangover Part 2 last night. I need to plan my leave!!! Rawr.

Day Out at Barrage

I know what you guys are thinking. “Barrage?? Not AGAIN?!”

Oh come onnn. Marina Barrage is one of the nicer places we have in Singapore. All credit goes to PAP!! You guys have my vote! Pls let us have priority in upgrading! (Pardon the digression, I don’t wanna be left behind when everyone is offering their opinion about the political situation.)

Anywayyyyy, back to the Barrage. Nobody seems tired of it. It’s always packed with people flying kites, taking their wedding pictures and what not. This time round, we were there for a picnic!!

#1 What’s a picnic without glorious food. That we had no shortage of. Lasagna, shepherd’s pie and of cos the mad awesome egg mayo (which was unfortunately not caught in action here)

#2 With their powers combined… Kiteflyers unite!

#3 Check out binbin with her wind-swept hair. Stylo-milo.

#4 It’s my turn!! Love this pic. With the kites littered all over the background. Obviously I passed some of my mad skillz to binbin.

#5 Time for our trademark self shot! ❤

#6 Oh that’s not us (We rather die than be caught decked out in that outfit…) Anyhoo sweet random couple FTW.

#7 AHHHH run for your lives!! It’s an invasion of kites!! Seriously, I probably should start a business selling kites over there.

#8 Sky explodes. 8 kites found dead. 19 missing.

#9 The sun sets, marking the end of a fun filled day. 😀

On a sidenote, I used an expired (for 5 years) Kodak negative ISO 400 film (contributed by uncle David) on the Diana Mini and a Lomo redscale on the Superheadz UWS. Those framed by the black borders (namely #1, 2, 3 and 6) was taken with the Mini. Those red tinted ones are taken on the UWS.

I was pretty psyched up about getting these pictures back as I believed I got some real jems in them. However, those taken with the expired films have tiny white spots all over them. The redscale ones were no better, with plenty of white spots, fuzziness and some streaks of light. Sadness.

After consulting the photoshop uncle, it is suggested that it might be because the expired film had already degraded or the speed of the film. This is because the faster the film, the grainier the picture will be. But I’ve taken shots with ISO 400 films before. Didn’t turned out that grainy. Hmm..

As for the redscale, it might have something to do with the film. Redscale is an unorthodox way of shooting which probably gained popularity along with lomography. The film is exposed on the wrong side by winding in the film upside down into an empty canister. This will result in the pictures being reflected vertically. Due to some technical reasons (that you will be better off reading from Wiki ), the film will need to be taken at slightly overexposed conditions to obtain the correct exposure when developed.

The things you learn from shooting. I may be wrong in my explanation or anything. Feel free to provide any pointers or advice.

Well, at the end of the day, I’ve come to terms with the unintended effects of the end result. I suppose this is what Lomography is all about. Celebrating imperfection.

A Christmas Post

Hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas. I sure had a blast. Woot woot!

Pictures say a thousand words, so yada yada..

Binbin trying on my self made Mankind mask. Yea. Christmas WWE Theme Party. Awesome or what?


My turn! My turn!!


Quiet Christmas Eve dinner followed by Udders ice cream 😀


Binbin with Sam the Schizo Snowman! The tee came too late and didn’t make it for Christmas though. 😦


Rock and Sock connection at Christmas WWE Theme Party. As you can see, Jon was pretty wary of Mr Socko.


The Superstars. From L-R.

Front row: Rey “Wee Loon” Mysterio, John “Hsi Hao” Cena, Mankind (me), Ivan Carlito.

Back row: Super “Nicholas” Mario, The “Chye” Undertaker, Paul “Joo” Bearer, Thai “Jiaxi” Boxer, Bret “Kah Guan” Hart, Triple H/Stone “Weihao” Cold, The “Jon” Rock.

Many more awesome photos and videos that are best kept away from the public eye.


That’s all from me. Thanks one and all for making this Christmas an ultra memorable one. Cheers!

Rock on to 2011! Whoopie!!





Chunkfest ’10

Harlow boys and girls! Recently got my roll of expired Velvia 100F developed. My 1st set from the roll comprised of shots from Chunkfest. A day of sinful ice cream, glorious weather and awesome company. Enjoy!

#1 An uptrousers shot of our dear founding father. We should have one for Mr Farquahar too. At least for the sake of his childish-giggle-inducing name.

#2 After walking for what seems like an eternity, 3 of us finally reached the promised land and settle down for ice cream and grand sights.

#3 Put my incredibly solid, crazily well defined abs to good use by leaning back and taking this shot of Clarrisa and Shufang. I should photoshop Chin Chun in..

#4 Having a lie down on the canvas yielded me this shot. Morale of the story: lie down more.

That’s about it for this set. Check out the rest from this set over here.

P.S. Stay tuned for part 2 of A Walk Down Memory Lane from the same roll. Meanwhile, be cool and stay in school.

The Bug

Nay… It’s not a new design. In fact, I have not been working on any new tee designs for the past week. Been busy on a side project, helping a (pain in an ass of a) friend do some simple illustrations for his website. Will post the final outcome once everything is done. Stay tuned for some 81 x 80 of pixels goodness.

On a non design related note, weekends have been great. Managed to bring Jady out for a walk, took some pics on my new toy. Hopefully the prints will end up okay, especially since it’s my 1st ever roll of film.

The poor fat dog ended up pretty zonked out after barely an hour. Tried giving her water during the walk but she acted tough and refuse to have any. In the end…

had to cool her off with a wet towel, giving her massages in the air con room with the fan blowing at the fastest speed.

That’s my Saturday sorted. Sunday night was spent celebrating Ruixin’s birthday with Chin Chun at a Jap restaurant. Awesome food and all. Been a while since I seen both of them, did some catching up. Some cos somebody was too lazy to go through her long stories.

Anyhoo. Happy 18th RX! (Or so she claims)