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More B&W Goodness From Old Airport Road

Continuing from my previous post of black and white photos of Old Airport Road

sitting on playground slide#1 Slide n Ride | LC-A+ RL | Kodak T400N (expired)
A leftover shot from the 2007 expired Kodak T400N batch. Gives off a dreamy feeling which reminds me of my childhood.
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Old Airport Road on Superexpired B&W Film

Nope, it’s not a new brand of film. I’m referring to this Kodak T400N B&W film which expired in 2007. Yea, two-zero-zero-seven. A colleague who previously dabbled in film photography passed it down to me. Thank you Uncle David!

With an ancient film like this, I thought it will be appropriate to shoot at some beat-up, stuck-in-a-time-warp location. Old Airport Road has always struck me as such. I’ve passed by the area on a few occasions and always noticed a vintage playground (with sand!) peeking through the faded blocks of housing estates.

Playground#1 Concrete Crane | LC-A+ RL
The old playgrounds usually have a dragon facade as their main feature. I remember spending fun times at the one near my grandma’s place. However, this comes with a twist in the form of a crane.
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I’m Not the Flora Kind of Guy

That’s what I learned from my visit to the Botanic Gardens. I’m ashamed to say that pretty much every plant looks the same to me. And those Latin names, they just befuddle the crap out of me.

Thinking about it makes my brain hurts. So I’ll do good by recalling all the other stuffs I encountered. The ducklings, the swans (both black and white), families chilling out, busy Korean lady with her huge ass hat and loud dressing, the gigantic monitor lizard which drew numerous oohhs and ahhs.

It was also the debut of my new camera, the Diana F+ and my 1st experience with a 120mm camera. Boy, I had a hard time figuring out how to load/unload and finding the film counter (FYI, it doesn’t have a physical film counter). I should probably do a tutorial on that. Right after I finished with these photos:

Ducklings#1 Quack | Diana F+ | B&W Lady Grey 400
That’s what I call a duck’s eye view.
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Be back in 6 days.

Off to Hong Kong to gorge myself silly and do plenty of shopping, especially for my next toy camera. Read more about it when I get back! For now, you guys will just have to make do with this awesome piece of photography taken with my Diana Mini.

Just four more hours till boarding. Excited much!