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Black & White Randoms

Here are some pics taken on the Earl Grey 100 (which is just a fancy name for Lomography’s black & white film), using the LC-A+ RL.

First Thai Signboard#1 Lil’ Signboard
The mini signboard of an awesome Thai restaurant which location is pretty much an open secret Read More…


Randoms on Diana Mini

Hi all, got back from my trip two days back but still feeling kinda tired and under the weather. Before I post the countless no. of photos from my trip, I’m gonna upload this batch of random pics taken on a expired Kodak ISO 400 negative roll using my Diana Mini.

#1 A leisurely walk after having a very Singaporean dinner at the Singapore Food Trail at Singapore Flyer (c’mon guys National Day is coming) with MBS in the backdrop…

#2 So awesome that these strange cool lights are exploding from binbin’s head.

#3 It’s suppose to read Science Museum. Damn those anorexic lens.

#4 The gang hatching some concrete plans in an orange after Chye’s birthday dinner…

#5 while we took to cam whoring!

#6 Fall in! For a trip to the flea market at Sungei Road. Not those kind of flea with pretty young things hawking their used clothes and stuff.

#7 Expect to find uncles selling old antique stuffs from the Jurassic era. Such as these old records. Notice any familiar names?

#8 Inspired by escalators recently. Here’s one on a double exposure at the MRT station.

#9 Fun day out with awesome colleagues, ending with a mug of nice cold beer at Old School.

#10 Gingerbin Woman!! Must admit it’s quite a smart pose.

#11 Jady intent on stuffing her nostrils at the camera.

#12 Rare night out for Jady. Unfortunately, she can only look on as I cycle away on the stationary bike. Woo hoo!

Coming up: pictures from a new toy in town.

The LC-A+ RL. In Hong Kong. Till next time.


If you have been paying attention/stalking me on Facebook/hiding under my bed, you would have noticed I’ve recently taken an interest in Lomography. I duly took a plunge after some intensive research by purchasing a Superheadz UWS camera. It’s a very simple and basic model which is a good stepping stone into the world of lomo.

I took it out on a few occasions for a test shot using Lomo Fine Color 100 negative film. Took shots of random locations in addition to others taken while on my weekend outings with Jady. I shall let the photos do the talking..

#1 Took my 1st ever shot near sunset. Love how the sun rays are peeping thru.

#2 Back view of Mum and Dad making their way home from the carpark after a long day at my convocation.

#3  Day at the park with my partner in crime in tow.

#4 Made our way to the waterfront in anticipation of the cool breeze blowing against our face…

#5 Nope. No breeze. Just sun. Lots of it.

# 6 Dog tired

#7 Jady takes a stand and refuses to move away from the shade

#8 Trudging along back home

Well that’s about the few highlights from my debut roll. You can check out the rest on my Facebook. Comments and critiques are very much welcome! You can also vote for your fave photo from this series on the poll to the left.

With that I bid you guys a nice weekend ahead. Last but not least…

#9 Jady says bye!

The Bug

Nay… It’s not a new design. In fact, I have not been working on any new tee designs for the past week. Been busy on a side project, helping a (pain in an ass of a) friend do some simple illustrations for his website. Will post the final outcome once everything is done. Stay tuned for some 81 x 80 of pixels goodness.

On a non design related note, weekends have been great. Managed to bring Jady out for a walk, took some pics on my new toy. Hopefully the prints will end up okay, especially since it’s my 1st ever roll of film.

The poor fat dog ended up pretty zonked out after barely an hour. Tried giving her water during the walk but she acted tough and refuse to have any. In the end…

had to cool her off with a wet towel, giving her massages in the air con room with the fan blowing at the fastest speed.

That’s my Saturday sorted. Sunday night was spent celebrating Ruixin’s birthday with Chin Chun at a Jap restaurant. Awesome food and all. Been a while since I seen both of them, did some catching up. Some cos somebody was too lazy to go through her long stories.

Anyhoo. Happy 18th RX! (Or so she claims)

The Revenge

The tail bites back. A closer look over here. Uploaded on redbubble and for sale in a selection of colors over here. Not too sure which color tee this looks best in. Maybe grey brush strokes isn’t such a great idea…

I’ve always been pretty amused by the silly antics of dogs, especially when they chase their own tails. Of course Jady does that too. And gets extremely excited much to my amusement. I will love to see the expression on her face if her tail fought back. RARR!

Moving on

After successfully completing the much lauded (in my dreams) previous design, I took it upon myself to relax, laze around and get fat (swear to god, no more fried chicken for a least a week).

So it’s time to get back on the design horse and giddy up before inertia sets in. I set about doing some research for my next project. A search on google turned up some interesting images:

A pretty hair raising experience getting snarled at by a Shepherd.

Not sure if serious look #258

HAAAA. This is my favourite of the lot. Check out the pug almost pissing itself after being ambushed by that admittedly badass looking dog.

On a totally unrelated note, I noticed another pic on the same page which warmed the cockles of my heart.

A corgi looking so intense, flying through the air like a fat missile. Wheee!

Dogs are awesome.

Jady concurs.