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How (Not) To Panorama on The Diana F+

As mentioned in my Beginner’s Guide to Diana F+, one of the Diana’s funky features is the panorama shot. But make sure you have the correct settings (46.5 x 46.5 frame mask, 16 shots) before you go all panorama crazy.

Here are two of my sample shots which are frankly quite disastrous. Haha, but that’s just the way I like it.

Diana F+ PanoramaPanoErawan
Taken at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok last year. Click to enlarge and see the flaws in their full glory.
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LomoTravels: Gorging Ourselves in Ipoh + Penang Part Two

So after our stomach bursting escapades from the previous day, we started the next day with what else but a hearty breakfast at a typical Ipohian coffee shop. I swear that I had the best peanut butter toast there.

Moving on, we embarked on the car ride to Penang which lasted close to 3 hours. Waiting for time to pass as Darwin took the wheels obviously made us very hungry. So first thing we did when we arrived in Penang was to head straight to a famous eatery serving the iconic local dishes such as Char Kuay Teow and Laksa. As you can see, gluttony got the better of me as I don’t have any photos of them to share with you guys here.

After checking in, we finally got to a non-eating related activity which was to visit Penang Hill. Probably a bad thing that we didn’t have to physically climb it as they had a small train that took us straight to the top. Unfortunately it started to rain soon after our arrival and we headed to the food court to take shelter.

What was a group of drenched and weary travellers supposed to do while taking shelter? What else but eat, again. We knew the food was going to be terrible since it was a commercialized food court catered for the tourists. And we were right.

Penang Hill food court#1 Gloomy | LC-A+ RL | Lomography Earl Grey
Waiting for a halt to the depressing weather.
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LomoTravels: Gorging Ourselves in Ipoh + Penang

A trip made possible by our dear friend, Darwin who as a proud Ipohian (or Ipohnese?) finally got the chance to show us the glory of his hometown. Actually, we just nagged him into submission and tagged along on one of his trips back home.

Inside Ipoh's limestone caves#1 Cavemen (and Women) | LC-A+ RL | Lomography RedScale
Presenting the traveling party sans me.
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A La Sardina Review (of its owner)

Hello world! My name is Lana the La Sardina Sea Pride. My kind mamas and papas over at Lomography Singapore loaned me out to some random guy who happens to own this blog. I’m gonna write about the experiences I shared with him over these few weeks.

And so, I was stuck in the box for 3 days before seeing daylight. My dear owner was apparently too busy with work to pick me up for a shootabout. Dislike.

The weekends finally came and I got the first glimpse of his world. First thing I saw? This. Read More…

Day Trip to Melaka

I had ever been to Malacca once before. When I was in Primary 5 or 6. I felt like I had a good time then but can’t really remember the details of what we did. Maybe it’s ALWAYS fun to get out of the country. So I was pretty psyched up for this one too.

We set off at about 8am, expecting to reach at around 12 noon. We had neglected the fact that it was a public holiday. Public holiday = Massive traffic jam. Our bus was pretty much stuck for what seems to be an eternity.

And then we finally reached.

At 3pm.

Awesome or what? Our only saving grace was the fact that we didn’t purchase tickets for the return trip departing Malacca at 5pm. That would have been an ultimate facepalm moment. We bought tickets for the latest departure timing and wasted no time in heading down to where all the action is: Jonker Street.

Photos were taken using my Superheadz Ultra Wide & Slim on ISO 100 black and white film and also Diana Mini on…I can’t remember dammit.

#1 Here we are! Our growling stomachs reminding us it’s time for our late lunch.

#2 This eatery with its unassuming exterior serves quite a wicked dish of Chicken Rice Balls. Or maybe we were just famished.

#3 Right after stuffing ourselves silly, we went straight for another one of Malacca’s delicacy: Chendol.

#4 Binbin and Janet while waiting..

#5 And waiting..

#6 After downing our little bowls of gula melaka (palm sugar syrup) filled Chendol, we got up on our feet and started exploring. More delicacies were lying in wait as there were quite a few roadside stalls lined up along the street. This is one of the stall selling popiah. Didn’t try it though cos we were too full.

#7 We walked and walked before finally reaching the pier to board our cruise to nowhere…

#8 Not! It’s just a huge ass ship monument probably to commemorate Malacca’s history as a shipping port.

#9 A unique water wheel feature where we rested before deciding to go in search of the elusive Portuguese egg tarts.

#10 Our awesome shadows, tired but happy.

A good trip overall. Shame about the jam though. It was a pity we didn’t get to explore more but I suppose we did as much as we could given the limited time we had. Perhaps we can try some other eateries or delicacies the next time we’re there. Aye.. Blogging about this mini trip made me wanna go for a proper holiday even more. Coupled with the fact that I’m missing the Krabi days after watching The Hangover Part 2 last night. I need to plan my leave!!! Rawr.


That’s the sound of your doodie crashing into the water which you had better get used to on Kukup. It is a small fishing village in nearby Malaysia where I recently had a short weekend getaway with binbin (and pesky colleagues in tow, ha!). Big shoutout to Darwin for organizing the trip and being a superduper attentive nanny.

As you would expect from a rural village, the whole 2 days were spent in a laidback manner, sort of like a retiree. In a nursing home with plenty of company. Albeit much more lively.

Of course I didn’t leave home without my cameras. Expended a whole roll of Solaris 100 (thanks lulu for the recommendation, love the colors) on the Superheadz UWS and some of Lucky 100 B&W on the Diana Mini. Let’s check out some of the photos I (and binbin) took.

#1 Upon arrival at Kukup, making our way to the restaurant to have a sumptuous lunch. Highlight of the meal? Coconut pudding for sure. No pic though.


#2 The sight that greeted us upon entering the backyard of our accommodation.


#3 Caught binbin sitting at the stairs leading out to the sea (or sewage), basking in the sun.


#4 My attempt at emo window shot. Fail.


#5 After a few rounds of mahjong, karaoke and teabreak we decided to take a walk round the neighbourhood. Pretty steep walkways I must say.


#6 Reached a platform and began snapping here, there everywhere as the sun sets to end a peaceful day.


#7 The next day, waiting for our boat to bring us to the kelong. Binbin the uber talented and sexy photographer took this awesome pic. I think the subject is part of the reason why this shot turned out so good.


#8 Boat came. Millions squeezed onto it. Thank god the kelong wasn’t too far away.


#9 Freakishly small feet must have been a prerequisite to stay in the kelong.


#10 Net overhead!


#11 After our harrowing experience at the kelong, we finally set foot on land and had lunch in a bustling restaurant. We then proceeded to the terminal for our bus home. Loving the symmetry in this pic.

Anyhoo, here are some of my conclusions from this trip.

1. It’s amazing the karaoke machine was on almost all the time. We sure have good stamina.

2. The UWS is an incredible camera.

3. I need to keep my fingers out of the lens range. I should probably stick a sticker behind the UWS to remind me.

4. I suck with the Mini. That makes me sad.

5. Mudskippers are so ewww.

6. Our neighbours have some unique dress sense.

7. Binbin and me totally rock at mahjong.

That’s all I have for this post. If you’re interested, check out the rest of this batch of pics on my flickr

Till next time! 😀