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A Giant Surfboard

Marina Bay Sands A Giant’s Surfboard | Superheadz UWS | Kodak Elitechrome 200

King Kong 2: Singapore Surf

An unscrupulous organization has captured a huge ass gorilla (rumored to be a descendent of King Kong / by product of the exposure to excessive levels of radiation) from the wild jungles of an unnamed island.

Despite massive public outcry, King Kong (Not So) Junior is being shipped to Singapore to serve as its latest tourist attraction. Eyes brimming with sorrow, KKJ was resigned to his fate until he caught sight of the Merlion.

It was love at first sight. Determined to fight for his one true love, KKJ broke free of his chains and uprooted the Merlion to the horror of the awestruck bystanders.

By now, a legion of army personnel, helicopters and tanks have gathered and surrounded KKJ. Trapped, KKJ ascended Marina Bay Sands with the Merlion in tow while banging his chest and making lots of loud grunting noises.

In a moment of genius, KKJ ripped off the top of the MBS structure and used it as a surfboard to escape to a nearby island. He and the Merlion lived there happily ever after.

So yea, just drop the check in my mailbox once the movie option is taken up. And a mention in the credits would be nice.

You’re welcome.


A La Sardina Review (of its owner)

Hello world! My name is Lana the La Sardina Sea Pride. My kind mamas and papas over at Lomography Singapore loaned me out to some random guy who happens to own this blog. I’m gonna write about the experiences I shared with him over these few weeks.

And so, I was stuck in the box for 3 days before seeing daylight. My dear owner was apparently too busy with work to pick me up for a shootabout. Dislike.

The weekends finally came and I got the first glimpse of his world. First thing I saw? This. Read More…

Randoms on Diana Mini

Hi all, got back from my trip two days back but still feeling kinda tired and under the weather. Before I post the countless no. of photos from my trip, I’m gonna upload this batch of random pics taken on a expired Kodak ISO 400 negative roll using my Diana Mini.

#1 A leisurely walk after having a very Singaporean dinner at the Singapore Food Trail at Singapore Flyer (c’mon guys National Day is coming) with MBS in the backdrop…

#2 So awesome that these strange cool lights are exploding from binbin’s head.

#3 It’s suppose to read Science Museum. Damn those anorexic lens.

#4 The gang hatching some concrete plans in an orange after Chye’s birthday dinner…

#5 while we took to cam whoring!

#6 Fall in! For a trip to the flea market at Sungei Road. Not those kind of flea with pretty young things hawking their used clothes and stuff.

#7 Expect to find uncles selling old antique stuffs from the Jurassic era. Such as these old records. Notice any familiar names?

#8 Inspired by escalators recently. Here’s one on a double exposure at the MRT station.

#9 Fun day out with awesome colleagues, ending with a mug of nice cold beer at Old School.

#10 Gingerbin Woman!! Must admit it’s quite a smart pose.

#11 Jady intent on stuffing her nostrils at the camera.

#12 Rare night out for Jady. Unfortunately, she can only look on as I cycle away on the stationary bike. Woo hoo!

Coming up: pictures from a new toy in town.

The LC-A+ RL. In Hong Kong. Till next time.


Be back in 6 days.

Off to Hong Kong to gorge myself silly and do plenty of shopping, especially for my next toy camera. Read more about it when I get back! For now, you guys will just have to make do with this awesome piece of photography taken with my Diana Mini.

Just four more hours till boarding. Excited much!