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Oh Nicholl

As the dust settles after a potentially game-changing day for Singapore, it is time for our lives to resume normalcy. Personally it opened my eyes to a whole load of things. A better understanding of the history of Singapore and the people who strove doggedly in the pursuit of their beliefs. Well, I better stop right here before this turns into a political ranting or preaching. Let’s make way for my outdated photos taken around Nicholl Highway MRT. (Why am I not surprised if somebody starts a Facebook page called “Let’s rename Nicholl Highway to Nicole Seah Highway <3”)

What was I doing there? I was actually on my way to Stadium MRT to collect my computer from Acer Service Centre. I must have said this before but I feel the need to say this again.

Do. Not. Ever. Buy. Acer.

I hardly ever take the Circle Line, let alone alight at any of the stops along it. So I decided to alight and check out CC5 out. Photos were taken mostly with Superheadz UWS on Lomo Redscale film with a dash of Diana Mini on Kodak ISO 400 expired negative. Note that the quality of pics are not so fantastic as explained in my previous post. For the redscale pics, I had to flip some of them horizontally to show the correct orientation.

nicholl highway

#1 Here I am. CC5. Call me a recluse/hermit/sua gu. It’s my 1st time here.


#2Interesting building which I have no idea what it was. That is until I checked the Internet. For those as ignorant as me, this is The Concourse. Repeat after me. Con-cou-rse.

traffic counter

#3 Next up. This genius of a device displaying how many parking spaces are available around the vicinity.


#4 The station is right next to Kallang Basin. I seem to recall seeing those prominent condos in the backdrop from way back in Secondary school. Oh yea and I remember having to put up Army Half marathon signboards around the park. Sai gang FTW.


#5 Lucas Di Grassi who? Ermm I’m guessing F1 driver… urmmm Brazilian… and… ermm.. male. Sorry this is the best I can do.

pit lane

#6 Ready, get set, go!


#7 Home stretch


# 8 Not very such what architecture structure this is. Seems to be part of MBS.. Looks like a snail shell in real life though. Maybe to complement the upcoming Gardens by the Bay.


#9 The customary flyer shot. I took a few but this is my fave. Just got a feel to it.

Pretty fun experience overall. A quiet afternoon spent making new discoveries. Too bad for the film quality. Going down to Triple D tomorrow to develop more films. Hopefully I’ll get to update sooner rather than later.

Last but not least Happy Mother’s Day to all wonderful mothers out there.

And no. This is not a thinly veiled attempt to hit on any MILFs.